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WHAT IS THE ELLEEBANA LASH LIFT? The Elleebana Lash Lift is a semi-permanent treatment that gives your natural lashes an illusion of perfectly curled lashes with added definition. It is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, as it requires very little maintenance and has long lasting results. WHO WOULD BE A GREAT CANDIDATE FOR THE ELLEEBANA LASH LIFT? The Elleebana Lash Lift is for clients that are pleased with the length of their natural lashes but want a semi-permanent curled, enhanced mascara look. It is not recommended for chemotherapy clients. HOW LONG DOES THE ELLEEBANA LASH LIFT PROCEDURE TAKE?

The procedure takes approximately 45-60 minutes. WILL IT DAMAGE MY NATURAL LASHES? No, a certified and trained Elleebana Lash Lift specialist will perform the procedure with proper care and technique.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE ELLEEBANA LASH LIFT AND A LASH PERM? The difference is that the lashes are lifted at the root instead of the tip of the lashes, giving the lashes a full complete curl instead of just at the tip. WHAT IS THE MAINTENANCE WITH THE ELLEEBANA LASH LIFT? This procedure requires very little maintenance and is perfect for anyone that doesn’t have time for regular upkeep. The Elleebana Lash Lift will last 6-8 weeks, depending on your lash cycle. Please note that lash serums, biotin, and/or medication(s) can affect the lash cycle, resulting in quicker lash shedding.


  • Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 48 hours.

  • After 48 hours, you may go about with your daily routine.

  • Avoid waterproof mascara.

  • Avoid steam rooms and saunas; overall, refrain from all heat for 24/48Hours.

  • The Elleebana Lash Lift has no restrictions or maintenance like eyelash extensions.

CAN MASCARA BE APPLIED AFTER THE PROCEDURE? Allow 48 hours before applying any type of product to your lashes. After 48 hours, you may apply mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, or any type of makeup products you desire; it will not affect the lashes.Avoid waterproof mascara.

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LASH TINTWHAT IS THE BELMACIL LASH TINT? The Belmacil Lash Tint gives your lashes a long-lasting mascara effect without the hassle of smudging, running, or clumping lashes.

WHO WOULD BE A GREAT CANDIDATE FOR THE BELMACIL LASH TINT? Clients with blond, red, or light brown lashes. The dye is applied to the lashes to give it a darker, enhanced mascara look. HOW LONG DOES THE BELMACIL LASH TINT PROCEDURE TAKE? The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. HOW LONG DOES THE BELMACIL LASH TINT LAST? The Belmacil Lash Tint lasts 6-8 weeks, depending on your lash cycle. WILL IT DAMAGE MY NATURAL LASHES? No, the dyes used are made for lashes and cannot harm your lashes. WHAT’S THE BELMACIL LASH TINT PROCESS LIKE? The process is quick and relaxing. A protective balm is applied under your eyes and gel pads are placed under the bottom lashes so

Keep your brows perfect between wax appointments with these products.

CamoLight® Highlighter Pencil

This soft, creamy highlighter is the true secret to a precise brow line. Adds lift and life to the entire eye area with an application directly under the arch of your brow and a few strokes of the Highlighter Smudge Brush. Helps create a guideline for filling in brows. Use with a full face of makeup or use as a quick-fix waker-upper before a trip to the gym or store. Conceals hair growth between wax appointments. Available for purchase at Dash of Lash

How to Use:

  1. Swipe the tip of pencil with the Highlighter Smudge Brush.

  2. Begin to apply brush with product under the brow, using a windshield wiper motion

  3. Blend into a thin line under the brow arch

Brow Defining Pencil

Kelley is a stickler for straight lines, and this ultra-fine mechanical Brow Defining Pencil (with micro-thin tip for precise hair-like strokes) does the job, effortlessly filling in holes and shaping brows. Formulated by Kelley with a focus on color-matching and produced in Germany, this product perfectly glides along the brow line. The micro-spoolie brush on the opposite end enables blending for that soft, natural Kelley Baker Brow signature look. Smudge-resistant, ultra-durable formula lasts until washed off. Available for purchase at Dash of Lash

How to Use:

  1. Using spooly side, gently brush brow hairs up and sweep into place.

  2. Define brows by using pencil to fill holes and create shape with hair-like strokes.

  3. Flip to spooly side and lightly brush to pull product evenly through the brows.

  4. Repeat until you have Kelley Baker Brow signature look.

Brow Powder Duo

Highest-quality Italian, smudge-resistant baked powder. Apply dry for a delicate, natural brow. Apply wet for a striking, darker result. Versatile and easy to blend, perfectly match your desired brow look. Available for purchase at Dash of Lash

  1. Lightly tap Angled Spooly Brush into powder to pick-up product.

  2. Apply with short, light strokes.

  3. Flip to spooly side. Brush to soften product and blend into brow.

  4. Layer additional product in areas that have little-to-no hair.

Clear Brow Setting Gel

Clear universal shade tames flyaway brows without feeling tacky or hard. Non-flaking formula keeps brows perfectly in place all day. Helps to set KBB Brow

Powder or Brow Defining Pencil. Great for a natural but groomed look to the brow. Compact, perfect for travel and quick fixes.Available for purchase at Dash of Lash

  1. Use as the last step in your brow routine.

  2. Lightly apply by combing gel through brows in upward strokes.

GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum

Promote the appearance of naturally fuller, bolder looking brows in just 6-8 weeks with the GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum by Grande Cosmetics. Available for purchase at Dash of Lash


  • Infused with a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to promote the appearance of fuller, bolder looking brows in 6-8 weeks, with full improvement in 4 months.

  • Perfect for sparse, thinning, over-plucked, or tail-less brows.

  • Conditions brow hairs for a healthier looking appearance.

  • Dermatologist tested

Apply GrandeBROW to the natural shape of your brow, concentrating specifically on sparse, thinning, over-plucked, or tail-less areas. Use once daily and allow 1 to 2 minutes for the serum to dry. Due to the length of the brow cycle, apply every day for a full 4 months. After desired improvement is achieved, apply every other day for maintenance. GrandeBROW requires continued use to maintain benefits.

Precautions: Do not get into the eye. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing, under the age of 18, or undergoing chemotherapy. Keep out of reach of children. If redness or irritation occurs, stop using product. Consult physician before use if you are being treated for a facial skin condition. For more information, read box insert.

Key Ingredients

  • Amino Acids (L-Proline): an amino acid essential to healthy, fortified brows.

  • Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate): conditions, protects, and hydrates brows.

  • Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate): an essential vitamin to support brow health.

  • Botanical Extract Blend: nutrient - an antioxidant-rich compounds derived from natural sources (ginseng root, chamomile flowers, and bearberry leaves) that helps strengthens the brow follicle.

  • Glycosaminoglycans: locks in moisture for conditioned, healthier-looking brows.

All synthetic lash extensions are made from a soft, plastic finer called Polybutylene Terephthalate (Also Known as.... PBT). PBT is a thermoplastic semi - crystalline polymer product derived from polyester that is heated and then shaped into the desired lash curl that sets as it cools.

Real mink extensions are made from mink fur. The mink is a small mammal who is part of the weasel family. They are hunted for their fur, which is then used to make a variety of products, including eyelash extensions. Dash of Lash does not carry or use Real Mink Lash Extensions. If you want a mink look, we can give you a thinner lash that mimics a real mink lash.

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