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Nancy Girard
(Dash of Lash Owner/Lash stylist & Makeup Artist)

Meet Nancy: The Maestro Behind the Magic 💄✨

Welcome to a realm where passion meets artistry, where lashes sing tales of allure, and where every touch is a dash of magic. Meet Nancy - our resident Lash Stylist extraordinaire and a seasoned Special FX Makeup Artist for TV & Film.


A Silver Screen Story 🎬

With over two decades of expertise, Nancy’s make-up brush has painted stories across a constellation of film sets. From the high-flying action of Iron Man 3 to the thrilling twists of Burn Notice, Nancy’s artistry knows no bounds. But, where her heart truly lies is in the chilling thrill of horror movies and the enchanting art of lash styling.

Image of a brunnette woman with curly hair, brown eyes wearing red lipstick.
The Pulse Behind The Perfection 🎶

Fueled by her love for music and the boundless affection for her fur babies, Nancy’s zeal transcends the confines of her workspace. Her welcoming aura wraps around you like a warm embrace, making every client feel like a long-time friend. With every lash extension process, Nancy guides you through each step with a graceful finesse, ensuring you walk out the door not just looking but also feeling stunning.

Nancy and Pedro Pascal on set.jpg
A Celebration of Excellence 🎨

Nancy’s unwavering dedication to her craft means that only the best will do. Her clients, ranging from celebrities and TV personalities to the everyday heroes of society, know that Nancy's touch is golden. She meticulously crafts a bespoke experience for every client, leaving them smiling ear to ear.


The Journey of a Thousand Lashes 🌟

It all began with a young girl lost in the captivating world of her mother’s makeup. Throughout high school, Nancy was the go-to artist for all things beauty. Her passion led her to apprentice under local makeup artists while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree from FIU in Journalism and Mass Communication. 


Not one to rest on her laurels, Nancy further honed her skills with a Master’s in Special Effects Makeup for TV and Film from The Joe Blasco Makeup Center in Orlando in 2010. This opened doors to an illustrious career in TV and film, working on a plethora of projects including Charlie’s Angels TV show, Rock of Ages, and independent films.


From Makeup to Lash Legacy 💫

In 2013, fate led Nancy to a lash extension booth at a spa convention. Spellbound by the master lash stylist, Daniel Long, she dived headfirst into the world of lashes.


Countless nights practicing on friends and family, Nancy’s hobby transformed into an all-consuming passion. With certifications and a growing reputation, Nancy took the leap and in 2015, Dash of Lash was born.

Now that you have met  Nancy, the creative force behind Dash of Lash, and let us share a glimpse into her personal life, filled with love and support from her husband Jeremy. Together, they have crafted not just the name but the essence of Dash of Lash.


Jeremy, Nancy's husband and a talented chef, has been an integral part of Dash of Lash from the very beginning. While he mainly operates behind the scenes, his contributions and dedication to the studio are invaluable. Jeremy's culinary expertise translates seamlessly

into his role at Dash of Lash, where he lends a helping hand with various duties, ensuring the smooth functioning of the studio. Beyond their professional collaboration, Jeremy and Nancy's bond stretches back over a decade, with six wonderful years of marriage to celebrate. 


Not only is Jeremy a devoted husband, but he is also a loving father to their almost four-year-old daughter, Avery. As a future lash stylist herself, Avery holds a special place in the Dash of Lash family. While she may be young, her vibrant spirit and curiosity already shine through. Avery finds joy in exploring the wonders of the park, unleashing her creativity with play doh, immersing herself in delightful dress-up adventures, and embarking on magical journeys to Disney World. 


In their leisure time, Jeremy finds solace in nature, relishing the great outdoors and nurturing his backyard garden. Long walks serve as a source of inspiration and rejuvenation for him, grounding him in the beauty of the world around him.


This dynamic family dynamic serves as the backbone of Dash of Lash, infusing it with warmth, love, and a genuine sense of community. Nancy, Jeremy, and Avery extend their heartfelt gratitude to you for being a part of their journey and for entrusting them with your lash and brow needs.

Today, Nancy's Dash of Lash stands as a beacon of beauty and excellence. A tapestry of clients from all walks of life eagerly waits to experience the magic in her hands.


Here, at Dash of Lash, Nancy’s vision comes alive - one where every client is royalty, and every lash is a dream woven into reality.


Book an appointment with Nancy and step into a world where magic is real.

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