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Lash Stylist & Special FX Makeup Artist for Tv &Film, Nancy Mendoza has been a makeup artist for over 20 years. She has worked on everything from Iron Man 3 to Burn Notice on The USA Network. Her love remains in special makeup fx ( Horror Movies are her favorite) and Lash Styling. She has a crazy amount of patience and is an extreme perfectionist when it comes to Lash Styling.


Nancy is known for her love of music, her furbabies and her ability to make every client feel like they've known Nancy for years. She explains every step of the lash extension process and makes sure you go home with the knowledge needed to properly care for your new lashes.


Nancy takes pride in her work and is not satisfied until you are 100% satisfied and smiling ear to ear. Nancy has worked with several celebrities, tv personalities, actors, singers, and everyone in between.

She loves working on all types of lashes and loves to pamper her clients.


Nancy strives to make every single client feel like they are the most important client at Dash of Lash. You will feel like a celebrity when you are at Dash of Lash.  Nancy has some of the most loyal clients in the lash business. They would rather wait for her to return from a vacation than let anyone else touch their lashes.  Ask any one of her clients and they will tell you, it's all about the service and quality Nancy provides each and everyone of her clients. 

Nancy Girard
(Dash of Lash Owner/Lash stylist & Makeup Artist)

Nancy began her love of makeup as a child playing in her mothers makeup. She was the go to girl for makeup application in her high school for homecoming and prom. After high school, she apprenticed under a few local makeup artists while attending university.  After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from FIU in Journalism and Mass Communication with her concentration in Public Relations, Nancy went on to receive her Master’s in Special Effects Makeup for T.V. and Film from The Joe Blasco Makeup Center in Orlando in 2010. 


After graduating Makeup school, Nancy began working as a makeup artist for T.V. and Film landing her

first job working on the Charlie’s Angels T.V. show pilot on ABC in 2011.  She then went on to work on the

80's musical film Rock of Ages, from there Nancy was hired as the Makeup Dept 3rd on ABC's Charlie's

Angels Reboot. She loved working with the "Angels" and had the best time working as Ramon Rodriguez's

makeup artist who was "Bosley" on the tv show.  


After Charlie's Angels went off the air Nancy was asked to work on a few episodes of the USA Network

show Burn Notice. That Year Nancy also worked on the Miami crew as a makeup artist for the Major

Motion Picture Iron Man 3. 

Nancy has also worked as the makeup department head for an independent film with Troian Bellisario (Pretty Little Liars) in California. She has since worked on several independent films and television commercials. 


In 2013, Nancy received her Facial Specialist License and began working with a Dermatologist as an acne facial specialist for The Advanced Acne Institute in Miami. While working at a spa convention for AAI, Nancy discovered a lash extension booth and was so mesmerized watching the master lash stylist Daniel Long (Longmi lashes) at work she decided to take home a lash kit to try it on her mom (her favorite guinnie pig).


After taking her first lash course, Nancy became obsessed with lashes, rushing home from work every evening so she could practice on her mom and friends. Offering free lash sets to anyone who would lay down long enough. What began as a little hobby starting taking over Nancy's after hours because she started getting referrals from those free sets for people willing to pay her for her new hobby.  Once fully certified as a lash stylist Nancy's doors opened to a world of possibilities she never imagined. 


In July 2014, Nancy left her job with the dermatologist and began taking clients full time at a boutique MediSpa in Pinecrest, Florida. In October 2014 Nancy became fully certified in the Russian volume (3D) Lash technique. 


On January 2015 Nancy left the MediSpa and opened her first Dash of Lash- Lash and Brow Boutique in South Miami, FL. Since then Business boomed even more and Nancy is fully booked 2-3 weeks in advance. 


Nancy's clients come from all walks of life.  Actor's, Television personalities, police officers, business owners, nurses, teachers, to the stay at home mom's. They all come to see Nancy to get a Dash of Lash. 

On set of Exiles
With Troian and Shane
On set of Charlie's Angels
Makeup on set of Mia Mundo Season 1
Special Makeup Fx for Indie Film
Snake makeup for Mia Mundo
Special Makeup Fx for an Indie Film
Bald Cap on Jean Carlo Canela
Passion of the christ inspired.
Working on Silicone Prosthetics
Special Makeup Fx for indie film
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