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Gigi (Master Lash & Brow Stylist)

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A Rising Star in the Lash Galaxy 🚀

In August 2021, Dash of Lash was bestowed with a gem, Gigi, whose entry brought a whirlwind of fresh energy and dedication. The haven where lashes transform and dreams take flight became Gigi’s canvas to paint her own destiny.


With nimble fingers and an artist’s eye, Gigi immersed herself in the riveting world of lash artistry. Her devotion and passion knew no bounds, and she ardently mastered the art of handmade volume lashes. In a feat that leaves many astonished, Gigi triumphed in her craft in less than a year, crafting each volume fan from scratch with unmatched dexterity.


Never relying on pre-made volume fans, she established her signature style – a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence.


When Waves Meet Lashes 🌊

When the flutter of lashes takes a pause, Gigi finds solace in the embrace of the ocean waves. A true beach aficionado, Gigi's spirit finds kinship with the boundless sea, reflecting her endless passion for her craft.


A Heart as Boundless as Her Craft 🐾

But Gigi’s heart does not just belong to the ocean and the lash room. It belongs also to Jabali, her faithful canine companion, who is the joy of her life. Together, they create memories exploring the great outdoors. Camping under the stars and four-wheeling through the woods, Gigi and Jabali’s adventures are as dynamic as the volume lashes she creates.


Gigi's tale is one of aspiration, precision, and the

relentless pursuit of beauty. We're overjoyed to have

her as an integral part of the Dash of Lash family.


Book your session with Gigi and experience first-hand

the magic she weaves with every lash.

Check out Gigi's work on our Instagram

Gigi is available at Dash of Lash for:
Lash Extensions
Brow Lamination 
Lash Lift & Tint
Brow Shaping

Eyebrow Tinting &  Henna

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