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What is the brow shaping process like?

When getting your brows waxed for the first time at Dash of Lash, it is important to know what to expect. Our Master Brow stylist will walk you through each step during your session. But if you are like me you like to know what to expect. Your first appointment will probably last up to 30 min. Your brow stylist will discuss your "brow goals" before starting. Next, your optimal brow shape will be mapped out using the "golden ratio". Once mapped out, your stylist will show you what the desired shape will look like. Once you are happy with the shape mapped out, waxing begins using our gentle cream wax. When Waxing is complete, precision tweezing is done to make sure all undesired stray hairs are removed. Next, brows are tamed with scissors to make sure you aren't left with "Mad Scientist brows".Our stylist always applies a calming cream to help protect your freshly waxed skin. The final step is our clients favorite... (Make sure to ask for a mirror to watch) Your stylist will teach you how to properly fill in your brows at home. Who doesn't love a free brow tutorial?


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