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What is the difference between brow henna and brow tint.

Which one is better: Brow henna or tinting?

If you are interested in brow Henna or brow/lash tinting… we offer both services! Tinting is what you traditionally think of when you get a brow or lash tint. It is a vegetable pigment that is mixed with a peroxide activator. Don’t worry, this is completely safe to use on the skin and around the eyes. The tint lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks on the hair. we primarily use tint on lashes to make them appear darker, thicker, and longer. It is also a great option for brows if you don’t wear too much makeup and want a hint of color without going overboard. Henna does not need any form of peroxide to activate. Brow henna contains no ammonia, lead or peroxide.The henna is mixed with distilled water to activate the natural plant pigments. Henna penetrates the follicle and stains the skin, so it lasts longer on the brows than tinting does. It stains the skin for about 3-5 days and the brow hair for around 6-8 weeks. This gives the brows a structured, filled-in look!

Brow henna is a great option for clients who are on the fence about getting permanent makeup or microblading done to their brows as it gives you an idea of what a more “defined” brow will look like on you. Both product lines consist of highly pigmented, luxurious colors, perfect for each skin type and tone, however it is easy enough to mix a customized brow color for a client if needed. If you want to save time in the morning without having to fill your brows in and your not quite sold on a more semi-permanent solution like microblading then brow henna/tint will be your go-to service and you won’t be disappointed!

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