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Stop the lash lull with GrandeLASH-LIFT: a do it yourself rechargeable heated lash lift that applies just the right amount of gentle heat to revitalize & lift lashes. Unlike traditional lash curlers that can lead to breakage, GrandeLASH-LIFT curls lashes without crimping or pinching like traditional lash curlers. In a consumer study, 94% of participants reported GrandeLASH-LIFT was easy to use & delivered a gentle heat. Plus, its sleek, compact design is perfect for on-the-go touchups.

Key Benefits:

Grooved safety slot design to protect skin and prevent heat from direct contact with the eyelid

See a long-lasting curl - up to 8 hours!

Curved comb design: ensures no lash is left behind

Sleek, compact, portable design is perfect for a lash pick-me-up

Equipped with a convenient USB cable for quick recharging

Temperature sensitive wire: low and high temperature curl settings to best suit your lashes


Research Results:

In a consumer study with GrandeLASH-LIFT after 8 hours:

100% said it delivers a natural curl

100% said product lifted lashes

100% said it gave a long lasting curl effect

*Based on a consumer study with 31 subjects. Results will vary.

How to Use:

Step 1: Choose from 2 temperature settings by pressing and holding the oval indicator once for low or twice for high.

Step 2: Heated curler may be used without mascara. To achieve a longer lasting curl effect, use with your mascara of choice. Apply mascara and immediately apply the heated curler to help mold lashes.

Step 3: After the curler heats up and the silicone indicator turns from red to white, rest the curler near the lash base and slowly pull upward along the lashes for at least 10 seconds for a beautiful upswept curl. Repeat as necessary.


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